Oyster Sizes Guide

The average shellfish sizes is from four to five inches, with a weight of about eight ounces. The small ones typically have sizes ranging around three inches. There are also really large shellfish ranging in size from more than five inches up to 14 inches.

The Relevance of Oyster Sizes

Knowledge about oyster sizes is very important especially to those who are in the business of culturing shellfish, either for their meat or for their pearls. So, just what are the things to remember when considering pearl sizes? Well, first off, it is always best to scout for those shellfish that have the biggest shells. This is most especially if the purpose is to culture oysters for their meat. The rule with shellfish is that there will be more meat inside if the shell is bigger. To allow the shell to grow bigger though, one has to allow much time for it.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no market for the smaller oysters. In fact, they are more in demand than the larger sized oysters. So, take care of the smaller sized shellfish as well. That is why the business of oyster culture is really lucrative, because an oyster grower can basically make money out of everything he has in his very own oyster farm.


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