Some foods on the go..

Today people are too busy that sometimes we have no time to cook or prepare our food but Chinese have variety of food that can be eaten on the go. Typical bread contains mainly of carbohydrate but Chinese cuisine offers a wide variety of healthy and nutritious improvised food such as siopao, siomai, dumplings and rice rolls. Siopao is a bun stuffed with meat like pork, chicken, ham and egg. It does not only contain purely carbohydrate from starch but also protein and fats from meats and egg.

Siomai is a small bite-size food that is made from either, pork, beef, shrimp or shark’s fin that is wrapped on a special wrapper that is thin. It Is a delicious snack most often used as topping and can be found on a dim sum. It became popular and can be now seen in many Chinese restaurants and even in stalls/food stop specializing in siomai.

Dumplings differ from siomai and siopao because of its wrapper. There are so many types of dumplings and it can contain heavy fillings. Dumplings can be fried, steamed, baked, simmered or boiled. This makes this one exciting.

Rice rolls can also be a good source of energy. It is easy to prepare and can be wrapped on the go. Because rice is one of the major product of China it cannot be denied that rice is always present in every meal. Rice for Chinese has many uses: it is their main source of energy; products such as wine, liquor as well as some noodles came from rice.

These were just some example of Chinese food that can be eaten on the go. China is a very huge country and there are still more to discover. It is one of the oldest civilizations of this world and it contributed a lot in our present situation.


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