How to make home made ice cream


1/2 gallon powdered milk
1-1/2 gallon coconut milk
1/3 gallon evaporated milk
2 kilo sugar
1/3 kilo corn starch


Mix all ingredients using mixer (or egg beater) until the consistency is foamy.
Pour in a stainless steel pan or boiler. Let boil for 15 minutes to kill any microbes or bacteria. Set aside to cool.
Put desired flavoring (artificial flavors): vanilla, lemon or kalamansi (can be obtain from peels), chocolate, coffee, nuts, cashew and others. You can also use real fruit flavors like mango, ube, macapuno, cheese, etc.
Put into freezer for half an hour or until half-frozen.
Remove from freezer and mix again (with big wooden spon or egg beater) until the consistency becomes a thick mass.
Transfer it in round stainless container. Cover, put it in wooden push cart. Put lots of crushed ice and salt between the container. You can use dry ice as an alternative.
The ice-cream will get hard in 20 minutes.

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