How to start a car wash business

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to think about what type of car wash you want to own. Some of the factors to consider in making your decision include:

The amount of capital you have at your disposal
The amount of time you want to spend running the business
The amount of money you’re hoping to make

In general, the type of car wash that’s going to require the biggest investment from you, both in terms of time and money, is a full-service wash. That’s also the type that tends to generate the most revenue. But unless you have Php1 million or more to invest upfront, it’s probably not the best choice. Moving down the line, an exterior-conveyor car wash is the next highest in terms of start-up costs, followed by an in-bay automatic car wash, and finally, a self-service car wash.

The four basic types of a carwash business

1. Self Service Carwash – This carwash business model is favored by many interested in starting a carwash business. Customers wash their own vehicles in individual wash bays. These bays can either have self serve equipment or in-bay automatic equipment in them. Starting a carwash business of this type offers the advantage of low labor costs and it can be open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

2. “Stand Alone” Automatic Carwash – When lot size is limited, a carwash business that uses only the in-bay automatic may be preferable. This model consists of one or two in-bay automatics and a vacuum and vending area. Primary considerations in starting a carwash business of this type should be based on local competition, demographics, traffic counts, and lot size.

3. Carwash and Convenience Store Combination – In-bay automatics and self-service carwash equipment can be a profitable addition to a convenience store operation, adding significant revenue to the entire operation.

4. Full Service Carwash – This carwash business option is a conveyor wash system with attendants. Anyone considering starting a carwash business of this type should understand that this model is labor intensive and more expensive than the other types.

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