How to make flour

How to make flour for cake:

Unsifted wheat flour

Unsifted wheat flour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Measure out the all-purpose flour that you’ll need for your recipe.
2. For every cup of flour you use, take out two tablespoons of flour and return it to the flour bin. Throw the cup of flour (minus the two tablespoons) into a sifter set over a bowl.
3. Replace the two tablespoons of flour that your removed with two tablespoons of cornstarch.
4. Sift the flour and cornstarch together. Sift it again, and again and again. The cornstarch and flour need to be well incorporated and the flour aerated. Sift the flour and cornstarch mixture about five times. Look at that! You just made cake flour!


How to Make Flour – Wheat

You Will Need:
* A hand or electrical wheat grinder (a coffee grinder with a lid will also do the trick)
* Whole wheat

You simply put the whole wheat into the grinder and grind away until you have the correct amount of flour. A cup of wheat kernels will give you just under 2 cups of flour and a pound of wheat produces about 4 and a half cups of flour.

Buying a Grinder
Although there are a huge variety of grinders available on the market today you basically have a choice between two types of wheat grinders; namely electric grinders and hand grinders.

Electric grinders do all the work for you with the push of a button. They tend to be very noisy but are very durable and you can grind enough flour for 6 loaves of bread within 10 minutes.

Hand grinders require a bit of elbow grease as you grind the wheat to flour by using your arm to turn the handle. Although much slower than an electric grinder, this grinder gets the job done even when there is no electricity.

Buying grain
If you buy your whole grains from a grainery or grain elevator it will be very cheap. You can also buy organic whole grains but these will be sold at a slightly higher price. There are many kinds of grains you can grind to make flour. Some of these include barley, navy beans, oats, rye, wheat berries, brown rice and corn.

Hints and Tips:
* Only grind enough flour to use immediately as freshly ground whole grains tend to get rancid quickly.
* You can store your whole grain wheat kernels at room temperature for quite awhile, just be sure to keep them cool and dry and away from bugs.
* Never put moist ingredients in your grinder.


Here is a video how to make flour:

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